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Owning Up // Table of Contents

We are so excited about the recent release of the newest Owning Up Curriculum! 


Owning Up is a tool to help educators work with the most interesting, funny, and challenging

people in the world: tweens and teens. It’s also a tool to teach young people the capacity

to understand their individual development in relation to group behavior with their

peers, the social dynamics that lead to discrimination and bigotry, and the skills to be

socially competent in the difficult yet common social conflicts they experience.

Below you will find the table of contents as a preview of what is in the curricula! Order yours today here!



1. Getting Started: And (Hopefully) Not Wasting Your Time

2. Getting Out of the Box: Are We Boxed Into Gender Norms?

3. Just Kidding: Why Are We Really Laughing?

4. SEAL: I Know What the Problem Is, but How Do I Fix It?

5. The Power of Gossip: They Said What?!

6. Reputations and Double Standards: Keep It? Lose It? Change It?

7. The Power of Groups: Friendships, Strategic Alliances, or Both?

8. Creating Your Style: Brand Names and Price Tags

9. Managing Technology: Posts, Profiles, and Platforms

10. The Mirror: Why Do I Try to Look Like This?

11. Race and Bias: What Do We Really See?

12. Facing Race, Ethnicity, and Gender: Did I Say Something Wrong?

13. Finding Support: Don’t Go It Alone

14. Crushes and Rejection: Do They Like Me?

15. Recognizing and Respecting Boundaries: How Far Is Too Far?

16. Sexual Harassment: It’s Complicated

17. Concluding the Program: Please Say You Learned Something!



A. Pretest/Posttest Surveys

B. Welcome Letter From a School to Parents

C. Letter to Parent or Guardian of a Child Who Is Bullying

D. Letter From Parent or Guardian Whose Child Is Being Bullied

E. Friendship Bill of Rights

F. Handout for Interviewing an Adult

G. Act Like a Girl and Act Like a Boy Handouts

H. Questions for the Beach Ball Exercise

I. Group Roles: Pros and Cons

J. Eating Disorder Handout

K. I Am . . .