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I’m doing this because, I enjoy working with everyone involved, and I feel like the message that is being conveyed, is very relevant in both my life, and the life of most high-schoolers. Also the fact that we are presenting these issues in a much more appealing way then usual, is something I enjoy being a part of, and having a voice in that. On top of that, the internship is pretty fun in general, and I look forward to coming in.

I’m mainly involved in helping with The Guide. I’ve lately been able to utilize my marketing class, for marketing The Guide through social media, and keeping that as active as possible. I’ve also been working on the possibility of doing some podcast, with Kurt, regarding topics related to The Guide.

I care, because I feel like a lot of the issues that we address, are either considered sort of taboo, or are addressed by some adult that has no input from high-schoolers themselves. I think it’s important to have a source to go to for these, issues, and I’d like to help as much as possible.