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We are here to support schools and families in the months ahead. 

While the challenges are real and significant, we are committed to meeting the needs of the people affected by this crisis:  teachers, parents, and young people.

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For Educators

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Navigating Politics with Dignity in the New Decade

Owning Up Curriculum

We have published the 3rd edition of Owning Up Middle School Curriculum and theOwning Up Upper Elementary Online Curriculum. Owning Up empowers students to create cultures of dignity, understand their emotions, and build essential social skills.

Owning Up Upper Elementary is a fully online curriculum that includes

    • 5 Professional Development videos
    • 26 Sessions (+ bonus lesson on setting up online learning space)
    • 26 Google Slide Decks
    • 18 Handouts
    • Supplemental Materials

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For Parents

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Books and Materials

Distance Learning Playbook for Parents

Rosalind Wiseman has co-authored with John Hattie, Douglas Fisher, and Nancy Frey the Distance Learning Playbook for Parents that will be available on September 3rd as an eBook and paperback September 23rd!

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For Young People

Student Blogs

Navigating Politics with Dignity

Tiny Guides

We have created concrete tools to understand dignity and core social and emotional concepts called Tiny Guides.  These guides can be used in the classroom, at home, or individually to help navigate and understand how our brains process emotions, develop skills to manage those feelings, and ground both in the principle of dignity.

We are providing online professional development and presentations for school communities.