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Meet Our New Editorial Advisors!

By Cultures Of Dignity | March 29, 2021

We are thrilled to introduce the new 2021 Editorial Advisors!


Our Cultures of Dignity Editorial Advisors review and provide feedback on all of our work. We heavily rely on young people’s experiences and insights to check our work – from lesson plans, to blogs, to presentations.

Young people are experts on what it means to live in this day and age but don’t always get to share their voice. At Cultures of Dignity, we get to listen to young people.

Get to know our newest editorial advisors below! The rest of the editorial advisor team can be viewed on our student voice page.

Abigail is a 7th grader in Nashville who is obsessed with dogs and passionate about making sure everyone is seen as who they are no matter what culture, race, or religion!

Anne Ellis is a 10th grader in Washington DC. She has an unhealthy obsession with Kraft Mac & Cheese and spends most of her time at the barn. She is passionate about furthering discussions surrounding teenage mental health.

Archi is a freshman at Lincoln Community School in Accra, Ghana. Her favourite colour is purple and her favourite number is 7.

Audrey is a junior in Ghana, is obsessed with sports and baking and passionate about improving mental health among teenagers.

Ella is a 15 year-old student from Louisville, Kentucky, passionate about teenage mental health, who spends her free time reading, playing sports, and supporting the IU Hoosiers.

Helen is a senior in Washington DC. In her free time, she loves to go on local “adventures,” create art, or read Harry Potter. Her dream is to become what she describes as an “activist architect”; merging her love of math and art with her passion for creating affordable housing. 

Joshua is a freshman in Ghana, a connoisseur of the tech variety, and determined to create a better, more open-minded society through the power of education.

Knox is a sophomore from Colorado who enjoys nature and spending time with friends. He is interested in mental health and world affairs.

Lela is a freshman in Maryland. She loves seafood, and is passionate about advocating for the promotion of truth.

Lilly is a sophomore in Louisville, Kentucky, loves the summertime, and is passionate about getting everyone’s voice heard!

Liza is a freshman at BASIS Chandler in Arizona and is passionate about environmental conservation and mental health support for high schoolers. She’s also interested in ocean exploration and weird sea creatures.

Pacifica is a sophomore from Washington who loves baking and bad early-2000s animated movies, and is passionate about getting mental health and substance abuse support for teens.

Sahara is a freshman from Connecticut who loves thrifting and is passionate about women’s rights.

Simone is a Junior at Skyline High School in Longmont, CO. They love to sew and have a passion for social justice!

Subira is from Colorado and in the 7th grade. They love to write poetry and is passionate about ending toxic masculinity in schools.

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