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Be Courageous // Response to Parkland School Shooting

By Cultures Of Dignity | February 16, 2018

Be Courageous // Response to Parkland School Shooting
On February 14th 2018, 17 people were shot dead at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School when 19-year-old, Nikolas Cruz open fired on his classmates and educators. Today, we need to find our courage and speak up:

Our job is to speak out so other young people see what we stand for and it gives them a little bit more confidence to do so themselves.


Social Courage is when a person acts to right a wrong; understanding by doing so they risk losing their inclusion in a group. We ask our politicians after yet another mass school shooting to have the social courage to do what’s right. While your sympathy and prayers may be well meaning they are meaningless without your courage and will to risk your position, power, and association with powerful groups who will not allow us to have sensible gun safety protections. Be courageous.