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Webinar: How To Be An Ally Part 2

By Cultures Of Dignity | July 3, 2020

Two weeks ago, we, Shanterra and Rosalind, met to have a conversation about race, privilege, and what it means to be an ally. This wasn’t an uncommon conversation for us, but it was different because we invited you to be a part of it.

And we are so grateful that you joined us! We received great feedback, critiques, and requests to continue what we started. So, we decided to come together again to answer questions received from you, the participants.

Questions like…

  • What does being a successful ally look like if I am in a mostly white community and my friends are majority my demographic in age, race, money etc?
  • If someone takes offense at something I say, how do I follow up to make it better?
  • If I see someone else say something I think is racist but the person of color it is directed to doesn’t say anything about it, do I bring it up? How?
  • It seems like people can’t make one mistake, even if they have good intentions, without other people attacking them and thinking the worst of them. People make mistakes. How do we deal with this?
  • How do you teach dignity in a school and work culture?
  • How do you keep any semblance of a relationship with an immediate family member when you’ve had the fights and the arguments and have previously said “ok, agree to disagree”. How do you go back and say “no- that’s not enough…”

You don’t have to have attended the first one to watch this one. But if you want to you can watch the first one here!

The video above is a re-record of the original conversation. We did not hit ‘record’ on the live conversation and decided to record another conversation with the same questions.

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Resources mentioned

The Bluest Eyes by Toni Morrison

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Cultures of Dignity and Shanterra McBride are supporting HYPE Freedom School, a wonderful non-profit that serves children and families in Houston. If you would like to join their efforts, you can donate here.

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