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Meet The 2018 Cultures Advisory Council

By Cultures Of Dignity | January 22, 2018

We are thrilled to introduce the members of the 2018 Cultures Advisory Council!

The Cultures Advisory Council is a way for us to stay connected with young people around the world. Culture is ever-shifting and we need eyes, ears, and opinions. These students work with us, advise us, and share their insights and experiences.

Learn a little bit more about each of them below!

Annie is a junior at the Fountain Valley School of Colorado and loves Nutella, painting, and hippos.

Marcos goes to New York University and can’t stop playing Bananagrams!

Tessa is a sophomore at Bowdoin College and loves speaking French and eating lentils.

Emily is a senior at Tara High school in Boulder. She loves hanging out with her friends and eating brownies.

Marley is a senior at Fairview High School and loves the Golden State Warriors (especially Steph Curry)!

Keo studies civil engineering at Montana State. He’s interested in aspects of problem-solving that aren’t math related, but people related.

David is a sophomore at Lafayette College in Easton, PA. Through international travel, David has pursued his interest in French and is considering majoring in psychology and history.