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Time: Hook-ups, Friendships and the New Rules of ‘Dibs’ for Teen Boys

By Cultures Of Dignity | November 21, 2013

The Rules of Dibs

  1. If it’s well documented or recognized in the friend group that you liked a girl first or you like her more than the other dibber, than you have the first right to dibs. That means that people know how you feel because you have said something to indicate your feelings.
  2. You must follow through with the dibs in a reasonable amount of time, normally defined as about two to three weeks, unless other things come up, like going away for sports or school breaks.
  3. If you make no progress or you fail, you must relinquish the dibs and communicate this to the friend in competition with you within one to two weeks.
  4. You can’t call dibs to spite your friend or be annoying.
  5. You can’t call dibs if you know you won’t succeed.
  6. You can’t call dibs if you know the girl already likes someone else, especially if that someone is a friend of yours.
  7. If the girl you’ve called dibs on rejects you, graciously bow out.
  8. You don’t have the right to get mad at another guy for talking (not “talking”) to your dibs.

To read the full article and watch the video, head to @TIMEhealth here.

Rosalind is featured in an article and video in this Time Magazine’s post which reveals the “Rules of Dibs” and explores the “thorny social and ethical dynamics of hookups.”