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VIDEO: Respect vs Dignity

By Cultures Of Dignity | August 28, 2018

respect vs dignity

Respect vs Dignity


What’s the difference between respect vs dignity? Does it matter?

Understanding the difference is essential and a key reason why we are struggling so much as a society. At Cultures of Dignity our foundation is based on respect and dignity but distinguishing between the two can be confusing. Here, Cultures of Dignity Co-founders Rosalind Wiseman and Charlie Kuhn explore the differences between dignity and respect.

DignityFrom the Latin word dignitas, meaning “to be worthy.”

As in: All people have the right to be recognized for their inherent humanity and treated ethically. Dignity is a given. You just have it and no one can take it away.

Respect: From the Latin word respectus, meaning “to look back at.”

As in: showing admiration for someone because of their abilities, qualities or achievements. Respect is earned. You are respected by others for what you have achieved, experienced and how you have handled yourself as you have achieved accomplishments.

Filmed, edited, and directed by our Videography & Research Intern Tré Garnett. Co-directed by Cultures of Dignity Marketing Intern Keila Roberts


respect vs dignity