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Rosalind’s Visit to Radnor, PA

By Cultures Of Dignity | January 16, 2017

Rosalind traveled to Radnor, Pennsylvania on January 11th and 12th to talk with hundreds of parents and students about creating cultures of dignity in their communities. Rosalind’s work was supported by the Radnor Township School District Parent-Teacher Organizations/Parent-Teacher-Student Association and The Agnes Irwin School’s Center for the Advancement of Girls. One of the highlights of her visit was meeting with different student groups in advance of her presentations to find out what issues were most important to students. Rosalind then spoke to over five hundred parents, educators, school board members, and other community members at Agnes Irwin School. The following day, Rosalind presented to students at Radnor Middle School and Agnes Irwin School on social conflicts, cliques, social media and power struggles between friends.

The following pictures are from Radnor Township School District’s article.

“She was spot on with everything that has been going on in my life.  I almost felt as if she knew everything that has been happening to me and my friends.”

“She was very inspirational and I liked her a lot and so did my friends!  She didn’t talk down to us nor did she lecture us….I liked her a lot and I know I speak for my friends when I say that….I hope that you can get her or someone like her to come again!”  – 6th grader

“…I would love to see more presentations like this!”

(Video via 6ABC)
Tweets from the events:

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