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Body Image Issues in Teens // Infographic

By Cultures Of Dignity | May 16, 2017

We recently sat down with a group of high school girls to discuss social media and when we asked why they choose to follow popular accounts like Kendall Jenner and Instagram model Alexis Ren, they told us:

“They have the perfect lives!”

“They are our motivation and inspiration.”

“I just want their life!”

“We all went on the Alexis Ren diet!”

The increasing presence of social media influences all aspects of young peoples’ lives and it only exacerbates the pressure to have the perfect everything: the perfect clothes, body, and friends. Social media can create body image issues and enforce feelings of not being good enough.

TeenSafe has created this infographic below which walks us through some concerns with young people and body image issues and how social media impacts their perception of themselves. It highlights how these body image issues not only seen in adolescent girls but how intense it can be in boys as well.

Our awesome high school interns looked over this content and found it not only extremely relevant but something they wished all parents would know about what they face every day. Give it a look!

Infographic - Body Image Issues in Teens