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Meet Kate! Interview with Fall Intern

By Cultures Of Dignity | September 28, 2018

Kate Gallop is a high school senior from Boulder, CO. She is interested in pursuing English, and will be working on writing blog posts and helping to reframe the curriculum.


Meet Cultures of Dignity’s Newest Intern!

Cultures of Dignity: Tell us a little about yourself!

Kate: I’m Kate. I play basketball and soccer and love being a part of a team atmosphere. I love to write and spend time co-editing a literary magazine at my school. If I could spend all of my time in the mountains, hiking, backpacking, and camping, I would.


Cultures of Dignity: Why are you working with Cultures of Dignity this fall?

Kate: After working with the school counselor for a year to create a more compassionate atmosphere at my school, I became conscious of the ways that school can isolate people. I am excited to work at Cultures of Dignity because I will be able to talk about topics that teenagers deal with daily and help brainstorm ways to teach students about said topics.


Cultures of Dignity: If you could have any superpower what would it be?

Kate: I would be able to freeze time so I could finish my homework, read a good book, take my dog on a hike, and watch a season of The Office in one night.


Cultures of Dignity: What projects will you be working on with CoD?

Kate: I will be helping reframe curriculum lesson plans and writing articles exploring impacts of social media, body image, learning disabilities, and other topics on teenage lives.


Cultures of Dignity: What is an issue you see in schools you want to fix?

Kate: I notice a lot of comparison between students at school. Whether it’s grades, test scores, number of followers on Instagram, or amount of friends on Snapchat, I observe both myself and others constantly evaluating themselves against those around them. This is unhealthy and leads to jealousy and judgment based on superficial benchmarks instead of character.

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