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Meet Lilly! Interview With Cultures of Dignity Intern

By Cultures Of Dignity | October 22, 2019

Lilly is a highschool senior from Louisville, Kentucky. She will be helping with Owning Up student to student lesson creation. 

Meet Cultures of Dignity’s newest intern!

Cultures of Dignity: Tell us a little bit about yourself!

Lilly: I am currently a highschool senior at Louisville Collegiate school. I play soccer and tennis, I’m a Senior Editor for the school newspaper, President of Collegiate’s Gay Straight Alliance, and President of the drama club. Apart from being very involved in my school, I like to listen to music and spend time with friends! 

Cultures of Dignity: Why are you working with Cultures of Dignity?

This fall I chose to work with Cultures of Dignity because I want to help students feel encouraged to be more comfortable with their own identities and help provide safe places for conversation. I hope to help others feel more comfortable with themselves and their relationships through my work with Cultures of Dignity.

Cultures of Dignity: If you could have any superpower what would it be?

 If I could have any superpower, it would be to freeze time. Sometimes I get frustrated and worked up about things that really don’t deserve so much of my emotional attention. I wish I could freeze time to help myself cool down and see situations for what they truly are. 

Cultures of Dignity: What projects will you be working on with Cultures of Dignity?

I will be helping to create Owning Up student to student lesson plans to help encourage healthy discussions between high school and middle school students. 

Cultures of Dignity: What is an issue you see in schools you want to fix?

One issue that I see in schools and want to help fix through my work with Cultures of Dignity is the lack of healthy communication between teachers and students. Many times, I hear my friends complain about teachers and grades, but they rarely go to talk to the teacher to voice their frustrations. I want students to feel that they can effectively communicate with the influential adults in their lives to voice their opinions. 


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