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Meet Sara! Cultures of Dignity Intern

By Cultures Of Dignity | February 12, 2020

Sara Davis is a high school junior from Longmont, Colorado. She will be working on research projects and content editing with the Cultures of Dignity team.


Meet Cultures of Dignity’s newest intern!

Cultures of Dignity: Tell us a little about yourself!

Sara: I’m currently a junior at Skyline High School, where I’m a part of the theatre program, as well as the Model UN team, and Student Council. If I have some free time, I enjoy reading or spending it with my friends and family.

Why are you working with Cultures of Dignity this summer?

I am lucky enough to come from a school district that really values student voice, and it has opened so many doors for me, and given me so many opportunities like this one. I want to make sure that every student has access to those same opportunities so that they can truly get the most out of their education.

If you could have any superpower what would it be?

If I could have any superpower, I think it would be shapeshifting. It’s definitely the most versatile superpower, and that makes it the most useful.

What projects will you be working on with Cultures of Dignity?

I will be helping Cultures of Dignity with editing content like the Owning Up curriculum, as well as doing research projects to help improve our education system.

What is an issue you see in schools you want to fix?

It’s definitely very important to me to make sure that everyone has access to quality education, no matter where you grow up. Education is the key to so many doors, and your background should not prevent you from accessing any of them.

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