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Meet Tré! Interview with Summer Intern

By Cultures Of Dignity | June 28, 2018

Meet Tre! Interview with Summer Intern

Tré Garnett is a rising sophomore at University of Oregon where he is studying Psychology and Political Science. He will be interning at Cultures of Dignity to help with research and videography during this summer.  

Meet Cultures of Dignity’s Newest Intern!

Cultures of Dignity: Tell us a little about yourself!

Tré: I was born in Austin, Texas and grew up in Fort Collins, Colorado. I am a rising sophomore at University of Oregon, studying psychology and political science. My hope is to pursue research regarding demographic and political trends in order to foster discussion of how to create healthier social environments for all.


Cultures of Dignity: Why are you working with Cultures of Dignity this summer?

Tré: I hope to explore the social dynamics which exist within today’s youth since issues of inclusion and diversity have become especially poignant in recent years.


Cultures of Dignity: If you could have any superpower what would it be?

Tré: Nothing would be cooler than being able to produce any music at any time. I could walk into any room with theme music and I wouldn’t have to spend any more money on music for my phone.


Cultures of Dignity: What projects will you be working on with CoD?

Tré: I will be assisting in efforts to research ongoing social trends as well as providing videography and outreach support for CoD.


Cultures of Dignity: What is an issue you see in schools you want to fix?

Tré: I want education to adapt and help students have more productive and critical conversations around diversity and inclusion. We are seeing a rise of politically active generation but I want schools to keep up.


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