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Parenting Forward Podcast: Cultures of Dignity with Carey Goldstein

By Cultures Of Dignity | April 28, 2021

Parenting forward - episode 120

More than anything, parenting is about creating and changing culture. We just happen to do so one child at a time. As we extend love, compassion, and justice towards our children, they are formed into members of society who extend the same to others. They challenge the harmful status quo of the world and, together, we build a better future.

Listen to the podcast episode:

From Cindy Wang Brandt

I recently discovered an organization that is fully on board with this concept and working to make it a reality every day. They are called Cultures of Dignity. Today, we have the director of their Owning Up Program, Carey Goldstein, joining us. Carey is sharing more about what they do over at Cultures of Dignity and how we can be a part of it.

If you want to create cultures of dignity with and for your children, don’t miss this episode!

Show Highlights:

  • How Cultures of Dignity works with parents, educators, and young people to help them navigate all of the social challenges of young adulthood.
  • The challenges Carey has encountered in working with youth.
  • Why they have kids in their editorial council.
  • When kids are objects, when they’re recipients, and when they’re resources.
  • How to help your children build socio-emotional skills.
  • The difference between consuming information and listening.
  • How to set boundaries without making your child feel misunderstood.
  • What emotional granularity is and what its ultimate goal is.