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Rosalind Wiseman Breaks Her Silence On ‘Mean Girls’: “Art of Power” with Aarti Shahani Episode

By Cultures Of Dignity | April 15, 2021

Mean Girls, the 2004 movie and later the 2018 Broadway musical, has made more than a quarter billion dollars in ticket sales. But the author of the original source material, Rosalind Wiseman, reveals for the first time on Art of Power that she did not reap the significant financial benefits attached to her creative work. In her contract with Paramount Pictures, Wiseman was promised 5% of net proceeds. Paramount claims the blockbuster film is in the red and has not paid her not a single penny in profits. Wiseman opens up about her disappointment with Paramount Pictures and screenwriter Tina Fey. Wiseman asked the celebrity comedian to use her power to help. Fey said she would, and then ghosted the fellow writer. This episode is about bad deals, Hollywood accounting, power and the people who use it.

Listen to the podcast episode: