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Zen Parenting Podcast: Rosalind Wiseman on Building A Culture of Dignity

By Cultures Of Dignity | November 4, 2019

 Cultures of Dignity founder Rosalind Wiseman joined Cathy & Todd Adams and their daughter Jacey on Zen Parenting Podcast to discuss dignity, respect, HBO’s Euphoria, sex ed, boy group chats and of course, Mean Girls.


Listen to their conversation:


“We have so many alarm bells that our boys are suffering. Meanwhile, we keep saying ‘no, they are way easier than girls because they can let it go.'” They aren’t letting it go, they are just silent. – Rosalind Wiseman

Time Stamps

7:03 Mean Girls & Queen Bees & Wannabees

11:15 Hollywood high school vs real high school

11:50 Euphoria

16:42 Masterminds & Wingmen

20:29 Are girls meaner?

24:21 Boys group chats

32:00 The problem with respect

38:34 Parents gossip

40:36 Sex ed

43:12 Dignity vs respect

55:00 Teasing

57:00 Popularity

1:01:00 Getting your kids to talk to you