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A Conversation Between Siblings Stuck in Quarantine

By Cultures Of Dignity | May 8, 2020

Charlie Daly is a sophomore at Boulder High School and an intern at Cultures of Dignity. He sat down with his sister, a freshman at Boston University to talk about what it’s been like to be siblings in quarantine, dealing with the boredom, getting super attached to TV shows, and surviving family problems. Listen below.

A Conversation Between Siblings Stuck in Quarantine

Prior to this quarantine, my family has been spread out across the country while I lived home in Boulder with our parents. My brother lives in Portland and my two sisters are attending college on the East Coast. 

When  Coronavirus lockdowns began, my sister just happened to be back home from Boston University on spring break and now she’s stuck here. This reintroduction of my sister into the family dynamic was an adjustment, especially since we happened to be staying in an apartment as our house gets renovated.

Listen to my sister Georgia and I discuss surviving the boredom, dealing with our parents, becoming friends,  and conflict during quarantine.


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A Conversation Between Siblings Stuck in Quarantine