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Webinar – Setting Boundaries: How to Create and Maintain Healthy Relationships with Megan Saxelby

By Cultures Of Dignity | February 23, 2021

Boundaries are the act of making clear what is ok, what is not ok, and why. Developing this skill is always complicated, and even more so during COVID. However, knowing how to set boundaries is an important act of self-advocacy and the foundation of healthy relationships.

In this webinar we will…

  • Walk through a Tiny Guide on Boundaries
  • Learn how to create and  communicate your boundaries.
  • Get tools and resources to better manage yourself and your relationships.

To identify how to use boundaries to open up or close off to others, get our tiny guide here.

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Resources mentioned

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The Art of Gathering by Priya Parker

Permission to Feel by Marc Brackett, PhD

Unlocking Us Podcast Episode Marc Brackett and Brene Brown discuss Permission to Feel

Owning Up Curriculum – Empowering young people to create cultures of dignity, understand their emotions, and build essential skills

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