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Webinar: Creating a Culture of Dignity with Megan Saxelby & NELMS

By Cultures Of Dignity | August 24, 2020

This webinar is a call to action to transform the way we create communities where young people can thrive. Using Donna Hick’s Ten Elements of Dignity as the foundation for our relationships with young people, we create a shared vocabulary that empowers their development, supports their emotional needs, and teaches prosocial critical thinking. We will use this approach to give common-sense suggestions to manage the frequent struggles between young people and adults and support through communication breakdowns.

During this webinar, you will…

  • Be guided through a Tiny Guide on Dignity
  • Gain strategies to incorporate Dignity in the classroom and school community
  • Learn specific tools and a new framework to guide your interactions with young people

Resources mentioned

Dignity by Donna Hicks PhD

What Is Dignity? Tiny Guide

Elements of Dignity Tiny Guide

Navigating Politics with Dignity in the New Decade Materials

Owning Up Curriculum: Empowering young people to create cultures of dignity, understand emotions, and build essential social skills.

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