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Creating Cultures of Dignity Webinar with Charlie Kuhn

By Cultures Of Dignity | November 22, 2020

NC Live Webinar

NC Live Distinguished Speakers Series Webinar: Creating Cultures of Dignity with Charlie Kuhn

This session is a call to action transforming the way we create communities where young people thrive. Using Donna Hick’s Ten Elements of Dignity as the foundation for our relationships with young people, we create a shared vocabulary that empowers their development, supports their emotional needs, and teaches prosocial critical thinking. We will use this approach to give common-sense suggestions to manage the frequent struggles between children and their parents – from video games and social media to communication breakdowns. Participants of Creating Cultures of Dignity Webinar will walk away with vocabulary, specific tools, and a new framework to guide your interaction with young people.


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Creating Cultures of Dignity Webinar with Charlie Kuhn