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Webinar: Helping Parents Support Their Children’s Wellbeing During Distance Learning with Rosalind Wiseman

By Cultures Of Dignity | October 8, 2020

Parenting has always had its challenges but now it can feel overwhelming. How do you support your child during this time when nothing is certain? How do you support your child when you are struggling as well?

Cultures of Dignity co-founder and best-selling author, Rosalind Wiseman discusses strengthening family well-being and supporting children’s education while distance learning. Rosalind will use her brand new publication The Distance Learning Playbook for Parents to give them concrete skills to support the social, emotional, and educational needs of our children while giving parents much-needed guidance for their own well-being as well.

In this webinar, Rosalind covers…

  • Tools for self-compassion
  • How to guide children as they navigate their friendships online
  • The importance of social media in your child’s life while putting healthy boundaries around screen time
  • Concrete skills to increase family communication; especially in times of conflict or anxiety
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Resources mentioned

Tiny Guides: tools to help quickly comprehend core social and emotional concepts, understand their impact on you and your relationships, and equip you with tools to put them into action

The Social Dilemma Documentary on Netflix

iGen by Jean Twenge

Owning Up Curriculum: Empowering young people to create cultures of dignity, understand emotions, and build essential social skills.

The Information Diet by Clay A. Johnson

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