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Webinar: Back to School – Managing Frustrations and Emotions

By Cultures Of Dignity | January 20, 2021

Full time? Hybrid? All remote? You don’t need permission to be frustrated. It’s how you react that matters.

Join internationally recognized author and educator, Rosalind Wiseman and Cultures of Dignity’s Carey Goldstein for a live webinar on managing the transition of our kids going back to school this winter. All of the schedule changes this year have been frustrating and the school year has felt inconsistent but it isn’t a lost year. It is easy to get frustrated when things aren’t working out the way you want them to but we don’t get a redo and we can’t avoid these changes, we need to adapt.

In this webinar we will….

  • Define and discuss a Tiny Guide on Frustration Points
  • Give strategies to respond to frustration points: adaptation vs avoidance
  • Learn an activity to learn to let go of what we can and cannot control.

Click here to get our Tiny Guides. They will help you understand what our emotions are, how they impact our thinking and behavior, and how we can use that information to feel more in control of our lives and relationships.

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