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Webinar: Anxiety and Parenting with Megan Saxelby and NELMS

By Cultures Of Dignity | August 27, 2020

Managing Adult Emotions in Challenging Times

One of the most crucial skills we can model for the young people in our lives is emotional intelligence. However, many of us were not explicitly taught emotional regulation skills and often feel like we are at the mercy of the many emotions swirling throughout our homes. This feeling has been dramatically amplified by the pandemic and all the uncertainty Covid has created for everyone, from our youngest household members to parents.

In this webinar we will cover the following topics:

  • An informative, user-friendly summary of the most helpful aspects of the science behind emotions
  • Walk through a Tiny Guide on Anxiety
  • Specific skills to understand and manage emotional dysregulation, specifically anxiety
  • Tips on depersonalizing and normalizing emotion management to increase your sense of self worth and support the health of your family
Tiny Guides

Resources mentioned

Resource and inspiration list behind the Tiny Guides

Infomation on sharing and licensing the Tiny Guides for your communities.

You Hate Each Other, Now What? Blog on family meetings

The Mask You Live In Documentary

Navigating Politics with Dignity in the New Decade Materials

Owning Up Curriculum: Empowering young people to create cultures of dignity, understand emotions, and build essential social skills.

Sensory rings Megan referenced

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