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Webinar: Digital Wellbeing During Tough Times

By Cultures Of Dignity | July 17, 2020

In this digital wellbeing live conversation, parenting experts Devorah Heitner and Rosalind Wiseman will discuss how to help kids navigate ALL. THE. SCREENS. How can we help them find the balance with tech when so many other options have been taken away? How can we help them navigate friendship drama and conflict online and offline that may come up during this time?

During this digital wellbeing webinar, you will learn…

  • Strategies to support your child’s digital wellbeing and balance technology
  • How to understand and empathize with the ways social media can be challenging right now
  • Skills to help young people understand and process the news cycle–for some kids this is an activating inspiring time, for others it can be overwhelming
  • How to help our kids deal with anxiety during this time.
  • Best practices for setting family agreements and routines around technology.
  • How to manage your reactions with your own digital use. How can we model thoughtful tech use and wisdom?


Explore Tiny Guides – tools to help you quickly comprehend core social and emotional concepts, understand their impact on you and your relationships, and equip you with tools to put them into action.

Phonewise Book Camp for Parents – Navigating all the connected tech during a pandemic and beyond.

Devorah Heitner on what to do when other parents have different technology rules 

Social Media: Connection or Avoidance?

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