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WEBINAR: Developing Students’ Social and Emotional Skills through the Owning Up Curriculum

By Cultures Of Dignity | October 28, 2020

In this webinar, internationally recognized author and educator Rosalind Wiseman and Cultures of Dignity’s Carey Goldstein give concrete strategies to prepare students to be engaged learners. This webinar introduces how to use the new Owning Up Curriculum for elementary school and middle school children to develop core social and emotional skills.

During this webinar we will…

  • Offer realistic definitions of bullying, by-standing, teasing, and social conflict
  • Define how to help students establish friendship boundaries and have hard conversations
  • Help students identify adults allies
  • Demonstrate how to use an Owning Up activity online

This webinar is for educators and those who work with young people.

Slide Deck

Resources mentioned

Best Practices for Remote Learning

How to Adapt Core Owning Up Strategies for Virtual Learning

Interview an Adult Activity from Owning Up Curriculum

Tiny Guides: tools to help quickly comprehend core social and emotional concepts, understand their impact on you and your relationships, and equip you with tools to put them into action

Lesson: How to Talk About The Content of Tiny Guides with Young People 

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WEBINAR: Developing Students\' Social and Emotional Skills through the Owning Up Curriculum