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Webinar: What Does Being An Ally Look Like?

By Cultures Of Dignity | June 19, 2020

Are you Ok? Can I send you flowers? Can I make you a meal? 

These all seem like such nice things to say. Words of condolence.

But those well-intentioned words often come across differently to your Black friends when we are reckoning with racism in the United States as most of us have not seen in our lifetime. It puts them in the position of feeling they have to take care of you.

Why are we talking about this? We are two women who for over two decades have worked to give young people a voice and worked within institutions to challenge systems of oppression. Sometimes side by side, sometimes apart, always supportive.

We are two women who know how important it is for women to trust and support each other while at the same time we acknowledge the legacy of racism that includes White women’s participation in Black people’s oppression to this day.

In this live conversation, we will discuss:

  • How to have hard conversations about race and privilege
  • How the history of Black women’s anger is used to derail conversations between women that could otherwise be really productive
  • How to hold space for someone when you can’t relate to their experience or you have little to no education on having these conversations
  • How to participate in anti-racist work authentically when the media stops talking about it

Resources mentioned

To continue your learning and the content we covered in today’s webinar, check out a free Tiny Guide on Productive Discomfort and the rest of our Tiny Guides on core social-emotional concepts. 

Cultures of Dignity and Shanterra McBride are supporting HYPE Freedom School, a wonderful non-profit that serves children and families in Houston. If you would like to join their efforts, you can donate here.

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