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Bundle User Guide

Thank you for making a purchase! This guide explains how to access and download your Tiny Guides.

If you ever need to re-download or access your purchase, simply go click the login button in the top right and log in with the username and password you created when you purchased. If you are already logged in, you can click on the home button (our logo in the top left). All your products are stored there in the dashboard.

step 1: access

Right after your purchase, you will get a message. You click the View Product or Start Course button to access your materials.

You will also get a confirmation email that has a link to your products. You can access them through that email as well.

Step 2: contents page

You will be taken to the Your Products Page where all your products are stored. The contents are divided into 4 sections:

  1. Start Here Welcome Letter
    • Has a basic overview
  2. Facilitation Tools
    • Guides regarding how to facilitate conversations using Tiny Guides
  3. Zip Files
    • This is a single file that contains all the guides
    • These can only be downloaded onto a computer as phones require additional apps to open Zip Files
  4. You also have PDF copies of each individual guide

step 3: how to use the two types of files



on computer

Zip Files

  1. Download the Zip File
  2. Double click the Zip File to open the folder that contains all of the files
    • The Blue Folder that says “All of the Tiny Guides” is where each guide is located for you to access on your computer.
    • Click it and you will find a PDF of each individual guide

Individual Guides

  1. Click View Product on the individual guide you want and download and click Download

on mobile

  1. Mobile can only be used to view individual guides. Most phones require a specific app to download Zip Files. You can download the individual Tiny Guide pdfs directly to your phone.
  2. You click on the guide of your choice and select the download button. It will open in a separate window and can be viewed there