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Speaking Topics

Bring Cultures of Dignity team to your community!

Each year Cultures of Dignity team works with tens of thousands of students, educators, parents, counselors, coaches, and administrators to create communities based on the belief that each person has a responsibility to treat themselves and others with dignity.

We work with communities to create presentations that are respectful of and in alignment with their history and needs. Prior to our presentations, we ask to speak to members of your community to help us tailor the content so that it is most relevant to your attendees. In some presentations, we may also ask for a community member to present with us. In those cases, we will work with you to identify a person within the community who can contribute their expertise.

Presentation and Webinar Topics

Creating a Culture of Dignity

This presentation is a call to action to create communities where young people thrive. From young people’s friendships, anxiety, social media use, conflicts with friends and family, and the constant pressure to “keep up,” we will share how to best connect with young people; especially when they need us most.

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Managing Adult Emotions in Challenging Times

One of the most crucial skills we can model for the young people is emotional intelligence. However, many of us were not explicitly taught emotional regulation skills and often feel like we are at the mercy of the emotions swirling throughout our homes. This feeling has been dramatically amplified by the pandemic, from our youngest household members to parents.

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Tiny Guides for Social Emotional Wellness

Tiny Guides help you quickly comprehend core social emotional concepts, understand their impact on you and your relationships, and equip you with the tools needed to put them into action. Having a shared vocabulary around emotions is essential to young people’s development and enhances their ability to self-regulate, manage frustration, and practice effective coping strategies.

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Behind the Screens: Understanding the Power of Social Media in Young People’s Lives

How do you talk to young people about social media? How do you understand its grip on your community? How does it influence young people’s self-esteem, friendships, identity and conflicts with other people? This presentation will bring the newest insights and research on social media’s impact on emotional health, well-being, and culture.

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How to have Hard Conversations and Create Inclusive Communities

How do we make an inclusive community where everyone feels a sense of belonging? How can we have honest conversations about discrimination and bigotry that brings us closer as a community? How do we integrate the principles of dignity with anti-racist work?

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We also offer workshops and trainings to equip educators, leaders, and parents to better support young people.

Workshops and Trainings

Your keynote was fabulous. The message you delivered was great and so perfect right now. Our world is broken and we need more people to come together and respect each other and embrace our differences. Thank you for sharing your words. Very well done!

Marshalltown Community School District

The presentation helped clarify how to handle my life situations. The opportunity to hear a speaker who was real, confident in her words, and straightforward was such a special connection that made students want to listen to the important things being said. The manner in which the information was presented was so helpful to our school community and helped give us all a sense of reality.

Student, Age 17, Florida

On behalf of the Radnor Township School District PTOs and PTSA, and The Agnes Irwin School, I wanted to thank you for being our featured speaker in this school year’s Radnor Speaker Series. I have been approached by adults and students alike who were thrilled to hear you speak and felt the visit was immensely informative and engaging. On a personal note, we really enjoyed working with you. We found you to be so accommodating and upbeat - you were truly a delight and consulate professional!

Radnor Speaker Series

Rosalind was amazing, and her keynote/concurrent sessions were certainly highlights of our convention. We have heard that so many of the educators and parents in attendance found her information relevant and extremely applicable. I really can’t say enough positive things about our experience with her. Many thanks for your help throughout our convention preparations!

Alexander Graham Bell Association for the Deaf & Hard of Hearing

It was really a privilege and an honor to meet you. It was an awesome day today, truly, and you were the one who made it magic. Thanks for your wisdom and good humor. Hope you had as much fun as we did.

Connecticut State Department of Education

What Rosalind Wiseman shared was very beneficial to those in the audience. The content was relevant and she was able to effectively engage teachers ranging from pre-kindergarten to those teaching AP high school courses.

West Des Moines Community Schools

The presentation far exceeded any reasonable expectations. There were 1300 kids or so and you commanded the room with power, expertise, authenticity, and intimacy—no mean feat.

New Albany (Ohio) High School