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We recognize that each teacher, classroom, school, and community is unique and therefore faces different challenges. Our vantage point in schools and the education system at large allows us to see similarities across these challenges.

Customized Consulting

Engaging in consulting with Cultures of Dignity at your school can include:


Conducting research including focus groups and surveys


Customized presentations to students and faculty/staff

Community Engagement

Presentations to parents and caregivers

Lesson Plans

Creation of customized lesson plans

Strategy Development

Strategy development for advisories, social and emotional learning programs, sexual harassment classes

We believe that self-reflection, intellectual rigor, and dedication to community is the foundation to strengthen all of our interpersonal relationships; faculty, administrators, staff, coaches, students, and parents.

Civil dialogue and critical thinking are the foundation of a community and required to create a culture of dignity. We help communities seeking to improve students’ knowledge and consideration in regard to individual behavior and relationships. We understand that these communities seek to tie these issues with strengthening the overall community.