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Culture of Dignity + BelongingING: Workshop


You are invited to convene, workshop, learn, and contribute to a process that will deepen your knowledge and open paths for action.

Dignity + Belonging

Dignity is a framework that forces a shift in our understanding of human behavior and relationships.

Shared Language

Shared langaugage

Community Engagement

Proactive and inclusive communication with parents

Restorative Concepts

80% proactive 20% reactive
Fair Process

Systems Approach

Systems analysis
How do we lead change?
How to take a systems approach?

The training will be lead by Chris Howes, Assistant Head for Mercersburg Academy, and Charlie Kuhn, CEO for Cultures of Dignity. They will be covering fundamentals to systematically build a framework within our schools that builds a culture of dignity and a climate of belonging. Working as a team, you and your colleagues will learn a systems based approach

Charlie Kuhn

Chris Howes

Civil dialogue and critical thinking are the foundation of a community and required to create a culture of dignity. We help communities seeking to improve students’ knowledge and consideration in regard to individual behavior and relationships. We understand that these communities seek to tie these issues with strengthening the overall community.

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