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We believe in building a culture

of dignity for all people.

Cultures of Dignity is an organization that works with communities to shift how we think about young people’s physical and emotional well-being.

Our Core Values

Honor the role young people play in building communities of dignity

Recognize that adults need the best research and concrete skills to work with young people

Appreciate and acknowledge that this work is messy and ongoing

We stand against hatred, bigotry, & fear.

We support communities to build strength, courage, & purpose. 

Meet the Team

Charlie Kuhn

Co-Founder & CEO

Carey Goldstein

Director of Owning Up Programs

Chris Howes

Consultant and Trainer

While we have over 20 years in education and working with communities, we always recognize that we are in partnership with the people we work with and while issues we work on are difficult, challenging, and even uncomfortable, we are committed to civil and honest dialogue.

Student Voice

These young people challenge and inspire us.


We think a lot about making words matter. These words are the foundation for our work:

CULTURE: The dictionary defines culture as the customary beliefs, social forms, and material traits of a racial, religious, or social group. We define it as everything we know but have never been taught.

DIGNITY: From the Latin word dignitas, which means “to be worthy.” Dignity is a given. All people have the inherent right to be treated with an essential value and treated ethically.


“I think that Cultures of Dignity is an essential part of our positive growth at EA. It is necessary to have more training for all in Dignity.”

Escuela Americana El Salvador

“I truly enjoy being part of this workshop while it was done with students during CT and as a participant in the professional development session. Nowadays, it is imperative to rescue values that have been lost. In order to live in peace and build a stronger community dignity and respect are part of the formula. “

Middle School Teacher

It was an awesome day today, truly, and you were the one who made it magic. Thanks for your wisdom and good humor. Hope you had as much fun as we did.

Education Consultant, Connecticut State Department of Education

“I liked how Dystanie was so real and connected to her own experiences”

"She was wonderful...we would definitely work with her again"

School Counselor