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Davidson Institute – Social & Emotional Wellness & Emotional Regulation

May 19, 2022

Research and common sense consistently show that understanding our emotions and managing them is one of the most important abilities a person needs for personal well-being, and for being able to positively function in a community. However, many of us were not explicitly taught emotional regulation skills, and often feel like we are at the mercy of the emotions swirling throughout our homes and community. Educating ourselves not only supports our own mental and emotional health but empowers us to be the adults young people need in their lives. This session will discuss a set of concrete tools that teach emotional intelligence and promote well-being for both adults and young people. Having a shared vocabulary around emotions is essential to young peoples’ development and enhances their ability to self-regulate, manage frustration, and practice effective coping strategies. It is also essential to creating healthy, emotionally agile communities and families. 

This presentation will provide:

  • A deeper understanding of emotions, why they matter, and how to talk about them to support the young people in your life
  • Strategies to understand and manage your own emotions


May 19, 2022