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Tulare County Office of Education – How to support students’ emotional well being and build resilience as they navigate today’s educational environment

January 31, 2022

How do we support our students’ emotional well being as they navigate their education? How do we help them build internal motivation to engage in their education if they feel like what they are learning doesn’t apply to them, or they feel unrecognized? How do we build their resilience and capacity so they can identify and pursue their future goals and aspirations? This presentation is a call to action to create communities where young people thrive. As young people navigate a constantly changing educational environment, we know a few things are certain, supportive relationships and social skills are critical to their emotional well-being. But these skills are not “soft skills;” they are essential for young people to engage in education, manage emotions and become responsible and positive members of families and communities.

This presentation will provide:

  • Define the difference between dignity and respect and their impact on communicating with young people
  • Offer realistic definitions of bullying, by-standing, teasing, and social conflict
  • Identify dynamics that lead to social conflict
  • Share concrete skills to increase adults’ ability to support the emotional well-being of young people


January 31, 2022