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Learning and the Brain Conference, Teaching Behaved Brains: Strategies for Challenging, Disruptive Behaviors, Autism, ADHD, and Executive Function

February 18

Rosalind Wiseman will present at this conference as follows:

Raising Our Village: Creating a Culture of Dignity for and with Young People
As young people navigate a constantly changing educational environment and integrate their experiences of COVID, we know one thing is certain – supportive relationships and social skills are critical to their emotional well-being. But these skills are not “soft skills;” they are essential for young people to engage in their education and support their emotional and mental health. From young people’s friendships, anxiety, social media, conflicts with friends and family, and the constant pressure to “keep up,” this presentation will share insights and strategies to best connect with young people – especially when they need us most.

Topics covered:

  • The current landscape for young people
  • The impact of social isolation on young people’s mental health
  • Defining the difference between dignity and respect and its essential role in relationships with young people
  • Concrete, relatable strategies to support young people’s development and resilience
  • Effective communication between adults and young people to avoid power struggles

Queen Bees & Masterminds: Helping Young People Navigate Friendships, Social Conflicts, and Popularity
Over twenty years ago, Queen Bees & Wannabes profoundly changed the way we see girls’ friendships. Three editions later, along with the publication of Masterminds & Wingmen, Rosalind Wiseman has continued to pull back the curtain on what’s really going on in young people’s culture from gender to canceling, their friendships, and social hierarchies. In this presentation she will share how young people’s social group dynamics influence their interactions and offer step-by-step advice on how to teach them how to navigate these common yet complex situations, such as why young people can be reluctant to ask for help and give common-sense suggestions that adults can use to break through communication barriers. This presentation can be tailored for student and adult audiences and will be customized to reflect any specifics that should be addressed in your community.


February 18