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Loyola University Women’s Resource Center – Courageous Discomfort: Transforming Hard Conversations

February 3, 2023

Rosalind Wiseman

For generations, we have depended on the strategy of “We don’t talk about money, religion, or politics” to keep the peace. When tensions escalate avoiding difficult conversations can feel like the only option, but avoidance comes at a high price. This price includes silencing people with less power, avoiding hard but necessary conversations, and not role modeling for young people how to talk about challenging issues while maintaining relationships. How do we create communities where everyone feels a sense of belonging? How can we have honest conversations about discrimination and bigotry that bring us closer as a community instead of farther apart? How do we integrate the principles of dignity into these efforts? 

Topics covered: 

  • Defining emotional hijacking 
  • Demonstrating the difference between a curious question and a non-curious question that reinforces bias and discrimination
  • Recognizing when an interaction is “going off the rails” and how to maintain everyone’s dignity
  • Developing leadership skills to respond with dignity when interactions with others escalate or navigating difficult conversations


February 3, 2023