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Telluride Foundation: Tiny Guides for Social Emotional Wellness

September 20, 2022

This session guides participants through the use of two Tiny Guides, Boundaries & Emotional Hijacking, to reach emotional intelligence and promote well-being for both adults and young people. Participants will comprehend core social-emotional concepts, understand their impact on their work and relationships, and equip them with the tools needed to implement them.

A shared vocabulary around emotions is essential to young people’s development and enhances their ability to self-regulate, manage frustration, and practice effective coping strategies. It is essential to create healthy, emotionally agile communities and families.

This session will provide:
A guide through the Boundaries & Emotional Hijacking Tiny Guides
Strategies to discuss the content of the Tiny Guides with young people in the classroom or at home
Ways to create a sense of belonging in a group and/or class

Hosted by Charlie Kuhn


September 20, 2022