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As parents navigating a constantly changing environment, the one thing we know is certain is the relationship with our children. Rosalind will use her brand new publication The Distance Learning Playbook for Parents to give parents concrete skills to support the social, emotional, and educational needs of our children.

Emotional well-being and social skills directly impact young people’s education while they are virtual or hybrid learning. But these skills are not “soft skills;” they are essential for young people so they can engage in their education, and become responsible and positive members of a community.

This webinar hosted by Family Action Network will cover…

  • Developing tools to create healthy routines to support young people’s academics and emotional well-being
  • How to help parents guide children as they navigate their friendships online
  • Helping parents set appropriate limits around screen time while supporting children’s friendships online.
  • Concrete skills to increase family communication; especially in times of conflict or anxiety

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Family Action Network Webinar: Distance Learning Playbook with Rosalind Wiseman & Charlie Kuhn