Meet Our Newest Editorial Advisors!


The Cultures of Dignity Editorial Advisors review and provide feedback on all of our work. We rely on young people let us know when we are wrong on all of the content we send into the world – from lesson plans, to blogs, to presentations.

Young people are experts on what it means to live in this day and age but don’t always get to share their voice. At Cultures of Dignity, we get to listen to young people.

Get to know our newest editorial advisors below!

Lara is a 16 year old junior from Boulder, Colorado. In her free time she enjoys exploring the trails with her dog.

Trinidad is a Junior at Frankfurt International School, loves Korean pop, and is passionate about learning animals and medicine.

Gabriella is a high school junior from Southwestern PA, who loves dogs and is passionate about spreading kindness!

Emily Bach is a writer and creator with a passion for women’s issues and immigration reform. In her free time, Emily enjoys exploring Washington, DC, the city she loves and lives in.

Benjamin is in 8th grade at Rogers Middle School in Long Beach, California. He is a sport fanatic and loves playing baseball. He is a Boy Scout working toward his Eagle and also enjoys golf and playing the sax. He is interested in helping young people understand the impact of social media on their lives.

Julie is currently attending high school at an international school, she would like to go into law and she is seriously addicted to Ben&Jerry’s .

 Lauren is a senior at Allderdice High School who loves to travel with friends, and make the world a better place using her program Keeping Up With Kindness.
Ava Heppner will be a Freshman at SMU next year, loves dogs, and is passionate about improving safety in schools along with gun control.

Gus is a 9th grader from northern New Jersey. In his free time he enjoys playing basketball and spending time with friends.

Shubhangi is in 10th grade at Paloma Valley High School in CA and is passionate about making her community a better place.

We accept applicants for the Editorial Advisors on a rolling basis.

Feel free to apply at any time or pass this along to a young person who would be interested!