Assuring young people’s safety and inclusion is not political.

Our democracy can only survive if  young people are taught that disagreement is not disrespect; and we are all committed to creating and protecting the environment for civil discourse.

 Our history is not just words in a book and dates to be memorized.  Our history is about a country struggling to uphold the belief that all people have inalienable rights and that this core value builds and strengthens our communities

Schools across the country were unprepared after the results of the 2016 election. Many educators and parents not only struggled with their own reactions but also felt distinctly uncomfortable discussing the new political landscape with young people.

We are developing a partnership with thought leaders, schools, teachers, and experts, and young people to create materials for the 2020 election cycle including lesson plans, discussion guides, webinars, professional development, videos, and more.  

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Who we are

Cultures of Dignity

Cultures of Dignity works with communities to shift the way we think about young people’s physical and emotional wellbeing.

Who we are

Jen Cort

Jen Cort is the founder of Jen Cort Consulting and is an expert on diversity, equity, and inclusion in schools throughout the country and host of “Third Space with Jen Cort” focusing on equity, diversity, inclusion, and justice in schools.

What format will the resources be in?

We will be emailing you as resources become available. You can also refer to this page as it will be hosting all the videos, podcasts, resource library, articles, advisory lesson plans, and more.

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No. We want schools and organizations to use the resources and contributions by a collection of professionals to navigate the conversations around the election in a meaningful way.

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