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Owning Up Program

We train educators on the Owning Up Curriculum, support implementation design, and program kickoff.

We help educators  walk alongside students as they navigate their adolescence and education.

The Owning Up Program includes:


Implementation Design


Owning Up Training


Program Kickoff


On-Going Support

The Owning Up Curriculum

The Owning Up Curriculum teaches young people to understand their individual development in group behavior, the influence of social media, and the dynamics that lead to discrimination and bigotry.

Social dynamics, conflicts, and bullying influence every child’s ability to learn. A safe school climate depends on teaching students the skills to manage their emotions and critically think through solutions to social conflicts. How, then, do we differentiate bullying from other forms of social conflict? How do we prepare youth to be engaged learners and responsible, socially conscious citizens?

The Owning Up Curriculum guides young people to understand:

Themselves in relation to group behavior

The influence of social media on their decision making, conflict with peers

The dynamics that lead to discrimination and bigotry

Created in collaboration with children and teens, Owning Up Curriculum educates young people on critical social issues like how to make and maintain positive friendships, appropriately manage social conflicts, bullying, and harassment in the classroom.

Owning Up builds skills for young people to:

  • Hold themselves accountable
  • Effectively communicate with peers, teachers, parents when they are frustrated, upset, or worried
  • Appropriately and effectively advocate for themselves
  • Recognize injustice
  • Know when, how, and who  to report to an adult

Whether you teach in a school, a team, or a youth-serving organization, Owning Up is a flexible, innovative curriculum that respects your knowledge of the young people and communities you serve by giving you the following:

Designed sessions to be facilitated by a school counselor, teacher, leader, or other professionals in small group settings

Discussions, games, and role-playing to engage adolescents in the complexities of social culture

Connects critical topics such as media analysis, gender, sexual harassment, racism, gossip, and self-image

The Owning Up TRAINING

While Owning Up is a curriculum that you can buy and implement independently, it is also so much more. Our training supports professional development and we have on-going support for educators through a community network.

The Owning Up Training is a development program for educators who work with older elementary, middle and high school students to implement the Owning Up Curriculum in their school or organization. While an individual can buy Owning Up and use it without receiving any training, the Owning Up Training gives educators the best foundation to implement the curriculum.

District Wide Trainings

Bring the CoD team to your district and train on the core concepts of the Owning Up Program across all campuses.

School Wide Trainings

Learn ways to understand and engage in the academic, social, and emotional complexities of adolescence relevant to your community

Individual Trainings

We already have Owning Up Trainings scheduled around the country. Join one of the trainings near you!

Owning Up Program Support

The Owning Up Training can be customized to fit your communities challenges and needs. Ongoing support after the training can include

  • Consulting calls
  • Implementation design
  • Improving teacher instruction