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  • Productive Discomfort | A TINY GUIDE

    $3.00Your comfort zone can't expand if you don't challenge it. Productive Discomfort is where growth and change can happen, but where is it? This downloadable pdf will help you understand why some discomfort can be helpful.
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  • Self Regulation & Self Advocacy | A TINY GUIDE

    $3.00Self-Regulation is choosing to reflect, re-direct, and control your thoughts, feelings, and actions. It's a practice, learn how! This downloadable pdf will guide you through strategies to self-reflect and advocate for yourself.
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  • Self-Compassion | A TINY GUIDE

    $3.00Self-criticism is a hard pattern to break. Self-compassion is turning towards suffering with kindness and compassion. Here’s how to do that. This downloadable pdf will help you move from criticism to self-compassion.
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  • Shame | A TINY GUIDE

    FreeShame creeps in when you feel vulnerable and erodes your sense of self-worth. Here are 3 tips to deal with shame! Don't fall for its tricks! This downloadable pdf will help you through this tough emotion!
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  • Vulnerability | A TINY GUIDE

    $3.00Vulnerability is like a diving board because it's the jumping off point for all kinds of emotions, both painful and fun. This downloadable pdf will help you understand why vulnerability is so tough.
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  • What is Dignity? | A TINY GUIDE

    FreeDignity is the inherent worth of every human. Everyone has the same amount. Here's the difference between respect and dignity. This tiny guide will lay out how dignity shifts our perspective.
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