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Having anxiety meltdowns and temper tantrums in front of your kids during covid-19? Here’s some advice on what to do next.

By Rosalind Wiseman Articles

No parent can manage their lives perfectly. It wasn’t possible before covid-19 — despite our curated social media posts to the contrary — and it’s not possible now. Trying to be the perfect parent has always distracted us from being the parents our children need us to be: people who can acknowledge our struggles and mistakes with messy grace.

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teens under stress

When Teachers Are Stressed, Students Are Stressed. This Program Is Trying To Help Teachers Cope

By Articles About Cultures of Dignity

Lots of schools experiment with curricula to teach kids social and emotional skills. But what tends to happen is, teachers are thrown in front of a group of middle schoolers and it’s assumed they know what to do. “Owning Up” is distinctive in that it starts with training teachers, helping them learn to identify and manage their own emotions.

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