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Work With Us

The Cultures of Dignity team offers consulting and trainings to bring to your school, community, and home.

We recognize that each teacher, classroom, school, and community is unique and therefore faces different challenges. Our vantage point in schools and the education system at large allows us to see similarities across these challenges.

A core belief we hold is that civil dialogue and critical thinking are the foundation of a community and required to create a culture of dignity. We see many communities seeking to improve students’ knowledge and consideration in regards to individual behavior and relationships. Further, we understand that these communities seeks to tie these issues with strengthening the overall community. We believe that self-reflection, intellectual rigor, and dedication to community is the foundation to strengthen anyones interpersonal relationships.

Engaging in consulting with Cultures of Dignity at your school can include:

Conducting research including focus groups and surveys
Presentations to students and faculty
Creation of lesson plans
Strategy development

Bring Cultures of Dignity team to train educators in your community. The Owning Up Training is a development program for educators who work with middle and high school students to implement the Owning Up Curriculum in their school or organization. While an individual can buy Owning Up and use it without receiving any training, the Training gives educators the best foundation to implement the curriculum.

Owning Up is a curriculum that you can buy and implement independently, it is also so much more. The Owning Up Traing supports professional development and we have on-going support for educators through a community network.

District Wide Trainings 

Bring the CoD team to your district and train on the core concepts of the Owning Up Program including civic dialogue and critical thinking in moments of conflict across all campuses.

School Wide Trainings 

Learn ways to understand and engage in the academic, social, and emotional complexities of adolescence relevant to your community

Individual Trainings 

We already have Owning Up Training scheduled around the country. Join one of the events near you!

  • Do you care about a young person in your life?
  • Are you stuck and don’t know what to do?
  • Is your child making you doubt your sanity? Doubting his/her sanity?
  • Are you a teacher stuck managing classroom dynamics that aren’t getting better?
  • Are you concerned about the choices your child is making?
  • Are you a teacher who is having a hard time managing parent involvement?
  • Do you want to  know how to talk to other parents about problems your child is facing?
  • Do you just need support?

Talk with someone from Cultures of Dignity team one-on-one! Via Skype or phone, our team can help support and guide you .

Fill out the survey below so we can get an understanding of why you’re reaching out to us. We will talk about pricing and further details!


It was really a privilege and an honor to meet you. It was an awesome day today, truly, and you were the one who made it magic. Thanks for your wisdom and good humor. Hope you had as much fun as we did.

Connecticut State Department of Education

EVERYONE had nothing but GREAT things to say about Rosalind’s workshops. They only wish they could have stayed longer!! Each of us who had staff there or overheard others talking only had positives to say about her as well. We were impressed with the “take-aways” she gave to the youth workers in the audience and her frankness. We are glad we invited her to come! Thank you for all you did to help facilitate this and hopefully we can work together in the future.

Girls on the Run of Northeast, FL

It was wonderful. Rosalind was compelling and profound….and so easy to deal with. The feedback from participants was uniformly positive. Parents really appreciated her clarity and concrete strategies. And the professional audience understood that she really knows schools and kids and was able to offer teachers and administrators real answers to their issues and questions. It was an honor and privilege to work with her and learn from her. Please extend our thanks to her.


The presentation far exceeded any reasonable expectations. There were 1300 kids or so and you commanded the room with power, expertise, authenticity, and intimacy—no mean feat. I spent the latter part of the week asking kids what they thought of your presentation. As expected, universally positive. The key, as it is the key to effective 21st century education as a whole, is your no-nonsense authenticity. The most common comment was individual kids thinking you were talking directly to them. You were able to establish a measure of intimacy. The concern, which you went to great lengths to point out at the faculty session, is that messages are effective when delivered faithfully over a long time period. A single banner, slogan, or even assembly doth not a culture of dignity make. We shall do our best to incorporate your messages into daily academic life—and our own. Keep up the good work…you are making a difference.

Teacher, New Albany (Ohio) High School