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Workshops & TrainingS

We offer workshops and trainings to equip educators, leaders, and parents to better support young people.

Our Social and Emotional Learning trainings are rooted in the belief that social skills are the most important but invisible skill set that we all must have to work and be in relationship with each other.

We offer customized half-day, full-day or two-day trainings focused around these areas:

Impact of social media on identity

Connection between social-emotional learning and academic engagement

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Classroom management

We are training communities on the skills they need to have civic dialogue and critical thinking in moments of conflict.

Our standard trainings are:

Creating a Culture of Dignity in Your Classroom

Creating a culture of dignity in a school can’t be limited to slogans and philosophies that have limited real-life applications in school. Deliberately raising up and integrating young people’s voices and leadership in a school transforms young people’s capacity to have ownership and engagement in their school and education. 

This workshop will:

  • Define the difference between dignity and respect and their impact on communicating with young people
  • Offer realistic definitions of bullying, by-standing, teasing, and social conflict
  • Identify dynamics that lead to social conflict
  • Outline common challenges to teach these topics effectively and obtain student buy-in

Behind The Screen: Understanding The Power of Social Media in Young People’s Lives

How do you talk to young people about social media? How do you understand the grip it has  on your community? How does it influence young people’s self-esteem, friendships, identity, and conflicts with other people? We will bring the newest insights and research on social media’s impact on our emotional health, well-being, and culture. 

This interactive workshop will:

  • Identify the positive and negatives of social media and technology
  • Build young people’s ability to define privacy and create personal boundaries online
  • Affirm how young people can and do make decisions when they use technology and social media
  • Increase students’ ability to analyze information and its influence on their opinions and behavior
  • Contrast the difference between the positives of young people trying new ways of expressing themselves online against the negatives of wanting to share information and images to please others

Leveraging Student Voice for Prosocial Change

Young people are taking leadership roles in our communities in ways we have never seen before. From traditional leadership positions like student councils, peer leadership, participating in orientations to student advocacy groups, how do student leaders lead in this new and changing landscape? How do they support other students? How can they most effectively advocate and work with the adults at school? 

This interactive workshop will:

  • Discuss the common challenges student leaders face and strategies to affect positive change within school communities
  • Give concrete skills to meet the common obstacles student leaders experience and the unique challenges we see in the upcoming year

This workshop can be designed for a new program or an existing one. This workshop is open to both faculty and students to assess their program’s strengths and weaknesses and create increased opportunities for student ownership of the process.  At the end of the presentation, attendees will have a blueprint to increase their group’s effectiveness and improve their school culture and climate.

Owning Up Training

The Owning Up Training is a development program for educators who work with older elementary, middle and high school students to implement the Owning Up Curriculum in their school or organization. While an individual can buy Owning Up and use it without receiving any training, the Owning Up Training gives educators the best foundation to implement the curriculum.

More on the Owning Up Program

We recognize that we are in partnership with the communities we serve and work closely beforehand to address the challenges and needs of each unique community.

Our workshops and trainings are intended for

  • Educators & Staff

  • School leaders

  • Educational institutions

  • Law enforcement personnel

  • And anyone working with young people

**We offer Certificates of Participation and Certificates of Completion upon request

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