Workshops & Trainings

We offer workshops and trainings to equip educators, leaders, and parents to better support young people.

Our Social and Emotional Learning trainings are rooted in the belief that social skills are the most important but invisible skill set that we all must have to work and be in relationship with each other.

We offer customized half-day, full-day or two-day trainings focused around these areas:

Impact of social media on identity

Connection between social-emotional learning and academic engagement

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Classroom management

Our workshops and training are intended for

  • Educators & Staff

  • School leaders

  • Educational institutions

  • Law enforcement personnel

  • And anyone working with young people

We are training communities on the skills they need to have civic dialogue and critical thinking in moments of conflict.

Our standard trainings are:

1. Creating a Culture of Dignity in Your Classroom


  • Offer realistic definitions of bullying, by-standing, teasing, and social conflict.
  • Teach the connections between different forms of bias and bigotry and their influence on individual decision making.
  •  Identify dynamics that lead to social conflict
  • Recognize the value of a growth mindset for educators as well as the young people they work with
  • Outline common challenges to teach these topics effectively and obtain student buy-in

2. I Know What The Problem Is But How Do I Fix It?


  • Identify a structure to teach students how to articulate negative feelings in a healthy manner
  • Recognize the connections between adolescent development and group dynamics
  • Empower the students with the knowledge to effectively intervene in social conflicts with their peers
  • Build students skills so they build social resilience and feel proud of how they are managing themselves
  • Increase students social skills so they are better able to appropriately advocate for themselves in educational settings

3. Behind The Screen: Understanding The Power of Social Media in Young People’s Lives


  • Examine the latest developments in young people’s use of social media and its connection to identity development and group social dynamics
  • Identify how social media interactions between students impact on the school community.
  • Share strategies for students to responsibly handle conflicts on social media

We recognize that we are in partnership with the communities we serve and work closely beforehand to address the challenges and needs of each unique community.

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