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We rely on students to share their insights, experiences, and reactions to the world

Young people are experts on what it means to live in this day and age but don’t always get to share their voice. At Cultures of Dignity, we work with young people in three capacities:


Editorial Advisors

Cultures Advisory Council



As an intern, you will come hang in our office in Downtown Boulder during the week and work on a variety of projects depending on your area of focus.

Internship areas of focus could include: Social Media, Event Marketing, Editing, Writing/ Blogging, Website Development, Outreach/ Communications, Research and Analytics, and Administration work

Past interns have worked on graphic content for social media, co-written articles, developed branding strategy, and analyzed survey results. If you have an area or project you are passionate about and want to work on during the internship, share it with us!


Our Current Interns



We heavily rely on young people’s experiences and insights to check our work. As an editorial advisor, you will share your insights and experiences with our team as we create content.

Unlike the internship, you are expected to review content, provide feedback, share your experiences and respond via email.

Meet Our 2019 Editors



The Cultures Advisory Council is a way for us to stay connected with young people around the world.

Culture is ever-shifting and we need eyes, ears, and opinions. These students work with us, advise us, and share their insights and experiences.


Meet Our 2019 Council

To apply to for the Cultures of Dignity Internship Program and Editorial Advisor, fill out the survey below!